CEO greeting

We bid you our sincere welcome to venture companies, entrepreneurs, related organizations, and stakeholders for visiting Magellan Technology Investment (MTI). MTI was established on April, 2011 to become a leading force in searching out and incubating techno-centric startups that have potential of becoming global ‘Hidden Champions’. We are certain that these types of companies will be integral for Korean industry and will guide us into becoming a thirty thousand and even forty thousand (USD) per capita income nation.

From the inception, MTI has focused on startups with innovative new technology. Our strategy is based on Investment-Incubation-Connectedness (IIC) to optimize the effectiveness of incubation and growth. We have firm understanding of hardships involved with singular capital investments. It is apparent that startups need continuous mentoring and support. MTI has been committed to developing the incubation system that is customized for this purpose. Also, our extensive networks with conglomerates/established companies are being utilized for technology verifications and market connections, which startups desperately need. The focus has resulted in formation of two specialized funds for startups (MTI Creative Company Fund and MTI Creative Innovation Fund). From seed investment to follow-up investments required during growth phases, we are dedicated in creating a customized capital support.

Magellan Technology Investment is dedicated in becoming a specialized VC in startup management and development. Just as capable entertainment companies searches out talents and systematically train them to become global stars, we will also continue this very role for developing capable venture companies with conviction. Our slogan and moto is 『Navigating Together』. We stand by this conviction and will be the closest companion to the invested companies, in their long voyage of becoming global ‘Hidden Champions’.

Thank you.