Organization Chart

Magellan Technology Investment’s organization chart are as follows

MTI People

Introduction of Executives

Introduction of our executive staff at work

  • Joo Sang Yeo,CEO and President

    Bachelor/Master/Ph.D of Chemical engineering, Seoul National University

    - Team leader of R&D planning in Institute of Technology, Dongbu group
    - Team leader of Technical Planning in chemical division, Dongbu group
    - Team leader of New business planning in manufacturing division, Dongbu group
    - From extensive experience acquired from being Head of Comet network research center, proven outstanding aptitude in exploring new business and in convergence technology
    - Many successful venture experiences and know-how accumulated from in a venture incubating center of Dongbu group

    - Joined KBS 1TV startup audition program “Genesis” as a mentor for winners (CEO: Joo Sang Yeo)
    - Awarded a minister prize at 2014 Korea Creative economy awards from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
    - 2015~2016 Committee member of youth venture academy in small & medium business cooperation
  • Jang Cheol Jin executive director

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, Wayne State University MBA

    Based on his experience in venture capital investment review for more than 15 years and his experience as a representative fund manager in five funds, he is responsible for identifying companies, focusing on key factors such as technology innovation and marketability, investment review, post management, and fund formation.
  • Jai Kwon Kimmanaging director

    Accounting in Sungkyunkwan University

    - IT venture feasibility study in management conciliation, TriGem Computer
    - Experience from being a cofounder and an operator of a startup enable practical support and management for venture companies
  • Bo Young ChoiTeam Leader

    Columbia University, Economics

    Based on the IB and venture capital investment business of the securities company, it is in charge of general tasks such as finding and examining investment companies focused on early and mid-term companies with sufficient growth potential, investment review, follow-up management, and fund raising.
  • Mi Ran MunTeam Leader

    Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chonbuk National University, KAIST Techno-MBA

    Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business Unit LSI is involved in discovery, investment and post-management of highly-likely venture companies based on experience in quality management and venture capital investment experience.
  • Dae Gyeong BaeManager

    University College London (UK) Bachelor of Biotechnology, Doctorate

    Based on the domestic bio-venture enterprise business development and research planning project, it is in charge of the discovery, examination and post-management of biotechnology companies with excellent technology in Korea.
  • Ju ae KimAssistant Manager

    Based on the practical skills gained in the field of venture capital management support, it is responsible for overall corporate support including venture business.